Sunday, December 6, 2009

A blog about.. What?

I've been in a blog reading mood for a few months now. It started off with my looking for some information on cloth diapers and I literally found thousands of blogs about cloth diapers. I didn't know there was that much information about cloth diapers. That sparked my curiosity and I realized that there are thousands, sometimes millions of blogs about everything. I know I'm a little late in noticing this trend. Really late, but it inspired me to start my own blog. About what, I'm not entirely sure. It'll likely revolve mostly around my son, Brennen and my life as a stay at home Mom. Which is one hundred times more interesting than I ever thought it'd be.

Today's Topic: Family Photos

We're going to get ours done today. They've been put off for months for various reasons. The first one being that Brennen got 5 stitches in his nose in the beginning of August at his 1st Birthday party. Then I gave him a terrible home haircut. Two weeks ago we were supposed to get them and it rained all day. Then yesterday, Brennen fell down and busted his lip for the first time. That being said, we're still getting pictures done in a few hours. Although, I don't believe in "signs" I do wonder with all this bad luck if maybe we're not supposed to get family photos taken. I don't believe in signs, but I will be crossing my fingers that all goes well today and I can make a cute Christmas card!

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